rghayat-i said: How do you like to plan your comics? (Thumbnails on large paper? Written script for the panels? Continuous, stream-of-consciousness drawing? Dreams?)

I usually start with rough thumbnails/sketch in my sketchbook. It always starts with a single image for me, then I work backwards/forwards from that. Writing dialogue happens while I thumbnail w/ heavy re-writes occurring all the way to final art. I can’t work from scripts I’ve physically written out. It feels like an unnecessary step on my own stuff. Since starting to work digitally, my thumbs are usually more detailed so that I can start final inking right after. The first Disappearing Town story was made up as I went, which in retrospect…not a good way for me to work. It needed a base track to riff off of.

One thing I still like to do a few times in each story is draw/write myself into the bottom corner of the page not knowing what’s coming next. It keeps things exciting for me and I’m surprised by the results in most cases.

Here’s a thumbnail example from DT III.

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